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Granite Shed 1472x1176

Workers’ Compensation Centennial Conference on Tuesday, September 15, 2015 at Capitol Plaza Hotel, Montpelier.


A Barre stone shed before the days of safety equipment, undated. Notice early power tools and granite dust upon the rafters. O.J. Dodge Collection; Photograph courtesy of Aldrich Public Library, Barre, VT

For the Agenda for the Workers’ Compensation Centennial Conference and to register, go to To become a conference sponsor, go to

Also, please read the Worker’s Compensation Press Release

The Vermont Bar Association is helping us celebrate the Workers’ Compensation Centennial by devoting the summer issue of its Journal to articles about the history of workers’ compensation in Vermont. Here’s a link to the on-line version of the summer issue:


100 Years of Workers’ Compensation in Vermont

In 1915, the Vermont Legislature adopted a no fault insurance program of Workers’ Compensation through passage of Act No. 164. Although the Vermont Workers’ Compensation Act has been amended from time to time, this landmark legislation remains “the grand compromise” between labor and management, providing injured workers with access to prompt medical attention, wage replacement, and other benefits for their work-related injuries while granting employers immunity from personal injury civil lawsuits.

In the coming months, the Vermont Department of Labor and various other co-sponsors will be posting
further information related to the history of the Vermont Workers’ Compensation Act and planned centennial activities. There will be articles, curriculum materials for teachers, and an announcement about an exciting conference to be held on September 15, 2015, in Montpelier. (Save that date!)

Celebrate the Centennial! For more information and to offer your ideas, contact Kristina Bielenberg at