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The Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) is a recognition program administered by Project WorkSAFE for smaller, high-hazard employers who operate exemplary safety and health programs. SHARP rewards businesses with exemplary programs by removing their company’s name from VOSHA’s Programmed Inspection Schedule.

Employers requesting SHARP must meet the following criteria:

  • Employ not more than 250 employees at one site and not more than 500 total employees nationwide; larger companies may be eligible for VOSHA’s Compliance Assistance/Voluntary Protection Program (VPP). Companies larger than 250/500 may be eligible on a case by case basis.
  • Be an industry on VOSHA’s high hazard list.
  • Be a fixed worksite.
  • Have at least one year operating history.

SHARP Requirements:

  • Agree to comprehensive safety and health consultative visits conducted by Project WorkSAFE Consultants.
  • Correct all hazards identified by the Project WorkSAFE Consultants.
  • Have an effective safety and health program.
  • Involve employees in the development, operation, and improvement of all elements of the workplace safety and health program.
  • Lower the lost workday injury (LWDI) rate and the injury incidence rate (IIR) to levels equal to or lower than the national average for their industry SIC.
  • Agree to follow-up visits by the Project WorkSAFE Consultants.

For more information on Project WorkSAFE call the Vermont Department of Labor – Safety and Health Consultation at

1-888-SAFE-YES (1-888-723-3937) or email Labor.WPSafety@vermont.gov 

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