Snow Plowing and Power Lines


Snow storage under or near power lines creates a serious risk to employees and the
general public. The Vermont Department of Labor, in conjunction with Vermont electric
utilities provides the following precautions to prevent serious injury or death.

Typical overhead power lines in Vermont are not insulated and are between 7,200 and
69,000 volts. If you pile snow under or near the power line you create a potential
electrical hazard that could seriously injure, burn or kill a person. Maintain a minimum
10 foot clear distance between the workers, their tools and equipment including snow
removal equipment and overhead power lines up to 50,000 volts. Over 50,000 volts
maintain a minimum clear distance of 10 feet plus 4 inches per every additional 10,000

Snow Removal near or under power lines should be a thought out planned process with
Safety the #1 concern. For Specific Safe Snow Removal Practices Near or Under Utility
Power Lines contact your local electric power company.