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The Passenger Tramway Division was established in 1961 to prevent hazards in the construction, operation and maintenance of ski lifts and tramways.

Passenger tramways in Vermont carry more than 4 million riders annually. The Division inspects each of the 184 operating ski lifts, which total over 544,000 lineal feet of lift line, prior to operation each season and at least four other times during the ski season. Safety standards are set by the Tramway Board, consisting of two ski area and two public representatives and the Commissioner of Labor. Since its inception the inspection program has been funded by ski area fees based on the lineal footage of ski lifts at each area (31 V.S.A. §§ 701-712).

The Passenger Tramway division plays an important role in assuring that skiers and snowboarders have a safe journey up Vermont’s mountains. The Tramway division inspects the construction, operation and maintenance of ski lifts in the state. Our three tramway inspectors have the important role of providing extra sets of eyes- and a clear set of standards- for overseeing safety issues. Ski lift safety is something that the state, ski areas and lift manufacturers take very seriously. The Tramway division is a fee funded program paid for directly by ski areas. The fee is assessed per lift based on the type and complexity of the lift and the distance it covers.




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