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Reducing the Cost of Unemployment Insurance


The following information is available to assist an employer in reducing their UI costs

Stabilize Employment

  1. Screen prospective employees carefully to select the right employee for the job.
  2. Hire versatile employees who can be shifted to another job if necessary.
  3. Transfer employees to other job sites when feasible.
  4. Use regular employees for repairs and maintenance during slack periods.

Minimize Charges to Your Account

  1. Keep accurate records of employment agreements, dates and details of work refusals, employee performance, dates and details of warnings, and other disciplinary measures.
  2. Provide separation information to the department, when requested, by the due date specified.
  3. Return the Notice of Potential Charges (FormB-10NS) with specific information about the reason for the claimant’s separation from your employ if it was for other than a lack of work or if there is an error in reported wages.
  4. File an appeal if you believe a determination or decision is wrong.
  5. Notify us promptly if you have information that a claimant is not available for work, not able to work, has refused work, or is employed.
  6. Complete audit forms promptly when they are sent to you.
  7. Submit quarterly wage reports timely to avoid penalties.
  8. Pay taxes promptly to obtain maximum Federal Unemployment Tax credit.
  9. Report all changes to your business promptly.
  10. Encourage your workers to seek and accept part-time or temporary work during seasonal layoffs, since all wages earned above their disregarded earning amount in a given week, reduces their unemployment compensation benefit amount on a dollar-for-dollar basis.


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