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Request a Refund


Absent a credit balance establishing as a result of an administrative error, reversed decision, or a credit balance on an inactive or non-subject account, it is the expectation of the U.I. and Wages Division that all adjustments and refunds will generally be applied to future amounts due. All automated quarterly contribution reports and Rate File Data Exchange (Pre-Edit File), along with the Vermont Internet Tax and Wage System (VITWS) will reflect a credit balance where one exists. Therefore, it is important to note any credit balances for future deduction and use the correct rate when calculating amounts due, keeping in mind a potential change in your rate beginning with the third quarter filing each year.

If an employer would like to request a refund of the credit balance on their account, a written request can be submitted to the Vermont Department of Labor Attention Employer Services Unit, PO Box 488 Montpelier, VT 05601-0488, by fax at 802-828-4248 or emailed to Labor.UIandWages@vermont.gov.

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