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Vermont Internet Tax and Wage System Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When will Internet Reporting become available?

A: Internet reporting will become available for the 2007 filing quarters.

Q: How do I file on the Internet Reporting site?

A: The first time you use this application, you will be required to register.  Once your registration has been confirmed, you will be provided with a password by mail. A new password will be provided for each filing quarter for security purposes.

What are the benefits to using the on-line application?

  • Fast, easy to use, and has help menus for each step in the process;
  • You can post your report up to 11 PM on the due date without incurring a penalty;
  • Allows you to upload wage data information using a comma delimited format (CSV);
  • Uploads wage record and employee information from prior quarter;
  • Allows you to update or add new employees;
  • Calculates “Excess Wages”;
  • Allows access to prior reports filed through the internet application;
  • Allows payment by Electronic Funds Transfer or paper check;
  • Provides opportunity to print a copy of the report filed;
  • Provides confirmation number to substantiate report was filed successfully;
  • Allows notification to the department of changes pertaining to your business;
  • Improves the accuracy for reports filed and wage record information.

Q: When does the on-line application open up each quarter for filing?

A: You will be able to file reports online upon receipt of your quarterly report and password through 10 days following the due date.  Any reports filed after the quarterly due date will be assessed penalties and interest.

Q:  I made all my changes to the wage detail, clicked the finished button and none of my changes saved.  What am I doing wrong?

A:  Once you have made the needed changes, you will need to click on “Update Wage Data” button and then click Finished.

Q: Can I use the on-line application if I presently have an Inactive account?

A: If your account went inactive prior to the beginning of the quarter for which you are filing, you can not register or use the on-line application and must contact the Employer Services Unit to re-activate your account.  If your account went inactive during the current quarter you will still be able to register and use the application.

Q: Can I use the on-line application if I file for multiple employers or is this for individual employers only?

A: You will be able to register and file for multiple employers but each one of them will have to be registered, entered, and paid separately.

Q: Are there specific file format specifications that need to be used in order to up-load wage detail data?

A: A comma delimited (CSV format) file is required to upload a file of quarterly wages to the Vermont Internet Tax and Wage System.  This is a file where columns are separated with commas and rows are separated with returns.  Example requirements are provided when you choose to up-load wage detail data.

Q: Will this application retain prior quarter wage information?

A: Yes, your prior wage information will be retained. If you choose to up-load your information, you will need to have prior quarter built into your up-load file.  If you do not have prior quarter built into your up-load file, you must manually enter prior wages to allow calculation of “excess wages”.

Q: Will it be possible to access prior quarter history and reprint payment vouchers?

A: Once you have completed your quarterly filing and logged back into the application, you will be able to view and print reports filed and payment vouchers.

Q: How will I be able to verify my report has been successfully submitted to the department?

A: Once your report has been successfully filed using the on-line application, you will be provided with an on-line confirmation number.  You will be able to print this confirmation page to retain for your records.

Q: What do I do if I lost my password that was issued to me?

A: You may obtain a new one by contacting:

Employer Services


Q: What do I do if I have locked myself out of the program?

A: After three consecutive invalid attempts at entering the Employer Account Number and Password, the user’s account is locked, at which point you must contact Employer Services at (802) 828-4344.

Q: Will I still receive a Quarterly Wage and Contributions Report by mail?

A: Each employer will still receive a Quarterly Wage and Contributions Report by mail, four weeks prior to the quarterly due date.  If you choose to file by paper, please do not file a duplication report on the internet.  Instructions for completing the report may be obtained on our website, under “Forms and Publications”, under the “Unemployment Tax & Benefit Information” section or by calling Employer Services at 802-828-4344.

Q: Will I still be permitted to file by diskette or CD if desired?

A: Internet Reporting or diskette/CD are strongly recommended for filing of your Quarterly Wage and Contributions Reports.  If filing by diskette or CD a C-101 must still be filled out.  If you are interested in submitting wage information via diskett or CD at this time or in the future, please download the specifications and authorization form C-19 from our website under “Unemployment Insurance & Wages”, “Forms and Publications” links or contact the Magnetic Media Specialist at (802) 828-4253.

Q: Is there a limit to how many employees I can have in order to use the on-line application?

A: You can report up to 250 employees on the wage detail using the on-line application.  If there are more than 250 employees to report, Magnetic Media tape is recommended.

Q: What do I do with employees who are indicated on the Internet application who either were not paid during the reporting quarter or have been terminated?

A: If you have employees who did not work during the reporting quarter, you must input 0.00 in the Current Quarter Wage field.  If an employee is added to the wage detail, 0.00 must be entered in Prior Quarter Wage field.  A dollar value must reside in that field in order to continue.  The same value goes for all reported wages.  It is recommended that you “delete” employees who have been permanently terminated.

Q: What is the “Adjust Excess” field used for?

A: Only Check this field if an employee has earned wages in another state for this quarter or the reporting employer is a full/partial successor to a prior Vermont Unemployment Account.

Q:  If I choose to pay by EFT, will I have the option to choose the date I want the money to be taken out of my account?

A:  Once you have chosen to pay by EFT, you will be able to choose an effective date up to the due date of the report.

Q: What if I am unable to print the payment voucher?

A: If this problem occurs, send in only your check with your Vermont Department of Labor’s Employer number written on it.  Mail payments in the return envelope you received with your quarterly C-101 or mail to Vermont Department of Labor, Attn: Cashiers, PO Box 488, Montpelier, VT 05601-0488.

Q: Does the application time out and disconnect?

A: Yes it will after 30 minutes of inactivity.  All information will be lost if you have not saved or moved to another page.

Q: Who can help me if I have more questions?

A: Staff in our Employer Service Unit and your local Field Representative is available to assist when needed.  The main telephone line for Employer Services is 802-828-4344.