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Wage and Hour Program Overview


The Vermont Department of Labor oversees state law and adopted rules concerning minimum wage, overtime, wage payments, employee benefits, and child labor.

The Program also provides information on wage and employment related issues and attempts to settle employer/employee wage disputes to the satisfaction of all parties.

Contact the Wage and Hour program as soon as you have a problem. Although we are very small, we are usually able to reach a settlement between employers and employees, but the longer the problem continues, then the more difficult it is to reach a solution.

Contact the Wage and Hour Program if you:

  • Have trouble collecting your wages;
  • Feel your employer has violated the terms and conditions of a written agreement to provide wage supplements such as vacation, holiday, sick, or severance pay;
  • Are not receiving the minimum wage; or
  • Have child labor questions or concerns, the Wage and Hour Program may be able to help.

Remember, federal wage and hour laws differ from Vermont law, so you should also contact the U.S. Department of Labor (802) 951-6283 or (603) 666-7716 regarding your rights and obligations under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

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