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Returning to Work


If your doctor releases you to return to work, either full or part-time, then you should contact your employer immediately to see if a job, suitable to your condition and restrictions, is available.

If it is, you must take this job, or risk losing your right to further compensation and/or vocational rehabilitation assistance.

If your employer has no suitable job available, you may be entitled to continued compensation.

If the return to work is part-time, you are entitled to temporary, partial disability compensation.

Right to Return to Your Old Job

If your employer has 10 or more employees, and if you recover from your injury within 2 years, you have a right to be reinstated in the next available, suitable job.

If your employer has hired someone to take your place, you cannot insist that the person be fired, but the next appropriate and available position that matches your qualifications, and your physical capacity, must first be offered to you.

But you must keep your employer informed of your availability and willingness to return to work.

Unable to Return to Your Pre-Injury Job as a Result of the Injury

You should begin looking for work within the physical restrictions set by your treating physician.

In some cases, you may be entitled to vocational rehabilitation assistance to help you find suitable employment.

The goal of this assistance is to ensure that you return to work in a job that is both safe, given your physical capacities, and appropriate to your educational and employment background.

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