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Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors


Certification of Counselors

All VR Counselors must be certified by the Department.

Certification requires a Masters’ degree in Counseling or Rehabilitation Counseling and work experience in the Vermont workers’ compensation system.

VR Counselors are professionals in their field and their work and opinions may be relied upon by the Department in vocational rehabilitation matters.

To become certified as a vocational rehabilitation counselor in Vermont you will need to complete the certification application [PDF] and submit it along with copies of your college transcripts.

You will also need to submit signed statements from your employers verifying that you were employed by them and what duties you performed.

You must have at least 6 months of work experience, within the last 24 months to become certified. If at the time of your application, you do not have 6 months of experience, then you will need to work as an intern under a Vermont certified counselor, to obtain the 6 months of experience.

Your supervising counselor will be responsible for all work that you complete during your internship.

You will need to submit a letter from the supervising counselor which indicates they will accept responsibility for all of your work.

The certification requirements can be found in Rule 57: Vocational Rehabilitation Rules [PDF]

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