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State Apprenticeship Council


The State Apprenticeship Council is located within the Department of Labor and is chaired by the Commissioner of DOL. The Council has the authority to adopt rules and establish policy, and has responsibility for approving individual programs, education curricula, and variance requests. The Council establishes minimum standards for apprenticeship, and issues Certificates of Completion of Apprenticeship to apprentices who complete their trade training under apprenticeship programs registered and approved by the Council.

The Council consists of 9 voting members, and a tenth member who is the State Director of Apprenticeship Division, who acts as Secretary of the Council, without voting privileges. Vermont statute establishes the makeup and role of the Council. Three ex-officio members are the Commissioner of VDOL, the Commissioner of the Department of Education (or designee) and the Commissioner of the Department of Public Safety (or designee).

The six remaining positions are appointed by the Governor. Of the appointive members, three must be persons who on account of previous vocation, employment, occupation or affiliation, can be classified as employers. In practice, those positions are held by individuals having hiring authority. Three positions are held by persons who on account of previous vocation, employment, occupation or affiliation can be classified as employees. Council members serve without pay.

Meetings of the council are held on a quarterly basis.

Council Meeting Minutes

August 14, 2018

Council Contacts

Contact Information for Apprenticeship Program Council Members
Name Contact
Lindsay Kurrle lindsay.kurrle@vermont.gov
Pam Benoit pam@benoitelectric.com
Joseph Benard joseph.benard@vermont.gov
Judy Bourbeau judy.bourbeau@vermont.gov
Lisa Dame lisa.dame@vthitec.org
Patrick R. Maher patrickrobert.maher@ge.com
Jay Ramsey jay.ramsey@vermont.gov
Ann Ross ann@ualocal693.org
Sue Ryan vccicc@comcast.net
Jeff Wimette jcw@ibewlocal300.org


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