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VDOL offers a number of workshops to help you with your career planning and job search. Below you will find a sampling of the workshops available. Not all workshops are available at all Resource Centers. Check with your local Resource Center to find out if they offer the workshop(s) in which you have an interest.

Introduction to VDOL Services

  • Introduction to VDOL
  • Get an orientation to VDOL services and workshops.
  • Introduction to our Resource Room

Have you been wanting to try computers but need a little help? Come in for a short overview of our computer software to help you use and get the most out of our Resource Room. We’ll show you how to use the internet and our website to look for jobs. Easy…basic…fun!


Employment Search Assistance

An informal group of people get together to share their job search challenges, labor market information, interview tips, resume writing ideas, and workplace issues.


Meet others to find leads about employment, share best practices and experiences. Most jobs are not found in the classifieds!

Job Search Skills

Contacting Employers

Take the mystery out of finding job opportunities in today’s hidden job market. Looking for a job is a job. We can help you make the best use of all resources in today’s changing labor market.

The Perfect Application

Effectively complete an application with step-by-step instructions on how to make your application its very best. Don’t underestimate the importance of the application. It can make or break your chance at a job.

Resumes that Work!

Resumes have changed in recent years. In this 2 hour workshop, get a good idea of what your resume is intended to accomplish, how to organize your skills and experience in a way that is appealing to employers. Learn how to write an interview-winning resume and cover letter.(In some CRC’s, after attending this workshop you will be given an appointment for an individual consultation to produce a finished resume.)


Learn the skills to prepare for a successful interview.

Fine Tuning Your Interview

For those who can barely “get through” a basic interview, learn how to do it better and, as a result, be more confident and at ease.

The Ultimate Job Workshop/Workplace Winners

This series of 4 workshops provides information that is vital in today’s changing workplace. Learn how to find the right job, write a winning resume, interview successfully, be successful on the job, meet employer expectations, keep your job and get promoted.

Assessment Workshops

Ability Profiler

This career exploration tool can help you plan your work life. Administered by CRC staff, it includes both paper and pencil and optional apparatus sections. The results can be used to identify occupations that fit your strengths, as well as suggesting areas where you may want to receive more training and/or education.

Career Decision Making

Are you considering a career change or uncertain of what career you’d like to pursue? This 2 hour workshop will help you explore your interests, values and abilities to help you focus on a suitable occupational direction.

Interest and Values Inventory/O*NET

Complete two O*NET questionnaires: one on things you might enjoy doing and one on factors in the workplace that are important to you. Do you want high wages, independence, creativity, comfortable conditions..? When you finish, your results are combined to provide you with a list of specific occupations you might consider.

Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment Survey (CASAS)

A reading and math assessment used to help us to provide you with the best possible services.

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