Frequently Asked Questions: 1099 Incident

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I received a 1099-G form from the Department of Labor (VDOL). What should I do? 

Please hold all VDOL 1099-G forms that you received. In the coming days, you will receive instructions, including a prepaid, self-addressed envelope to mail the VDOL 1099 document back to the Department.  

When will the Department be sending me a new 1099-G form? 

New VDOL 1099-G documents will be mailed no later than March 1. When the new forms are mailed out, we will send you an email and post an update on our website and social media.  

Was my personal information compromised as a result of this incident? 

Your information may have been received by another claimant. This is especially likely if you were mailed a Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) 1099-G or a Vermont Short Term Supplemental (VSTS) benefit 1099-G. The Department has confirmed in those cases your information would have only been received by one other person. That information can be tracked should your information be used inappropriately by the other claimant. The Department will be offering free identity theft services to all claimants impacted by this incident. More information will be mailed directly to impacted claimants.  

What if the information on the 1099-G I received was correct? What should I do? 

To be sure all documents are accurate, we are issuing a mass recall of all Department of Labor 1099-G forms. Next week, you will receive instructions and a prepaid, self-addressed envelope for returning the VDOL 1099- G form.  

What if I already mailed back the VDOL 1099-G form, or destroyed it? 

If you have already mailed back or destroyed the VDOL 1099-G that you received from the Department of Labor, there are no further actions for you to take at this time.  

I didn’t receive a VDOL 1099-G, is there anything I need to do? 

No. You did not receive a VDOL 1099-G document because we did not mail them all yet. Mailing was stopped after inconsistencies were reported. Those are being verified and quality checked before being mailed.   

What if I received multiple VDOL 1099-G forms? 

If you received multiple VDOL 1099-G forms, you should return it to the Department using the prepaid, self-addressed envelope from the Department of Labor that will be sent out during the week of February 8th.   

Is there any other way to access all of my VDOL 1099-G information? 

At this time, there is no other way to access your 2020 VDOL 1099-G tax information.  

Will this impact my eligibility for unemployment insurance benefits? 

No. This will not impact your eligibility to receive unemployment insurance benefits. Nor did this issue impact unemployment claims in any way. 

What can I do to protect my identity immediately? 

You can contact the three major credit bureaus, listed below, and place a security freeze on your credit. You can do this online or by calling. 

Additionally, you should sign up for the identity theft protections provided by the Department of Labor. Those details will be sent to you directly.  

I received a 1099-G from a different state agency, do I need to return it? 

No. Only 1099-Gs from the Vermont Department of Labor should be returned. There are no errors with other state agencies 1099s.  

What happens if someone uses my personal information to commit fraud? 

In Vermont, knowingly using another individual’s personal identifying information illegally is a felony punishable by three years in jail and a $5,000 fine. In the case of this 1099 processing error, the Department has the ability to track where the faulty documents were mailed, making it easy to identify the perpetrator of a crime.  

 Where can I get more information? 

The Department of Labor is posting all information about the 1099 incident to its website, which can be found at Additionally, individuals can call the UI Claimant Assistance Center at 1-877-214-3332 (option 1) for information.  

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