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Information for 2021 UI Claimants - Employer Charge Relief

October 6, 2021

***The information below was sent to claimants that were identified as someone who filed a claim for unemployment insurance benefits in calendar year 2021.

Act 51 of the 2021 legislative session authorizes the Department to provide benefit charge relief to taxable employers for layoffs that are related to COVID-19 if the employer offers to rehire the laid off individual within a reasonable time.

If you were laid off due to COVID-19 and your employer has not provided you with an opportunity to return to work or a future return to work date, you may notify the Department by completing our ‘No Offer to Return to Work’ form. 

PLEASE NOTE: The Department cannot ensure you will retain your former employment, but the Department can ensure your former employer is not able to benefit from refusing to return you to your former position.  

CURRENT FILERS PLEASE NOTE: If your employer laid you off from work (because of COVID or another reason) and contacts you letting you know that the business has reopened and you may return to work, you are required to return to work unless you have a qualifying reason not to. By refusing to return to work without a qualifying reason, you may be disqualified from benefits or required to repay a portion of the benefits you received but were not entitled to.

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