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Become an Apprentice - What to Know

"Enrolling in this program changed my entire career, as I quickly discovered how education and training bridge the gap between liking and loving what you do."

– Jesse, Advance Manufacturing Apprentice

Benefits of Becoming a Registered Apprentice

  • Structured, yet flexible training program
  • Designed to meeting specific needs of employer
  • Learn while you Earn
  • Employer established incremental wage increases
  • Costs incurred eligible for G.I. Bill
  • May be eligible for college credit, based on program (Vermont Technical College, CCV, etc.)

Need Help with Next Steps?

Contact the Vermont Department of Labor Job Center Specialists for more information on Apprenticeship opportunities and resources that may be availale to you. Submit your information at

Important Deadlines

Make sure you submit your information before deadlines for the following apprenticeship programs

  • Plumbing: September 15
  • Electrical: October 15

Looking for a Job?

If you are not employed, you can find an employer sponsor in a variety of ways. You can apply directly to employers who employ workers in the field in which you are interested.  For example, if you are looking for a plumbing apprenticeship, you could apply for work at any of the local plumbing companies. Click here to view the active registered apprenticeship sponsors.

Currently Employed?

If you are employed and wish to become an apprentice, your employer should contact the Apprenticeship Office in Montpelier at 802-828-5250. An Apprenticeship Field Representative will be asked to make an on-site visit to help develop the program.