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High Call Volume - Unemployment Claims Center

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Unemployment Insurance

Unemployment Insurance has been in existence since 1939.  The purpose of unemployment insurance benefits is to provide short term replacement of lost wages to individuals who lose their jobs through no fault of their own. The money for unemployment benefits is solely funded by employers by paying taxes into the unemployment insurance trust fund. 

For individuals, employers and others looking for information about unemployment insurance resources in Vermont, please review the links below, or contact the UI Division for more information. 

UI Newsfeed Updates:  View UI Newsfeed

PUA Claims Review

Please be advised, the Department of Labor is currently reviewing claims that were filed under the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program.  The purpose of the review is to ensure accuracy of payments and that the Department has the required documentation on file to substantiate PUA eligibility.  The United States Department of Labor require that PUA claimants provide documentation to prove eligibility for the PUA program. For information about documentation requirements, click here.

Department representatives are reaching out via email to initiate the review and request documentation.  All representatives will have an email address ending with  If you are concerned about the request and wish to validate the employment of the individual reaching out, you may call 802-828-4000.

Please note that your failure to respond to the Department’s requests for information may result in you being placed  in overpayment and a requirement that you repay the Department benefits received under the PUA program.

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