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Contact Workers' Compensation


Workers' Compensation Division
5 Green Mountain Drive
PO Box 488 Montpelier, VT 05601-0488

Phone: (802) 828-2286           Fax: (802) 828-2195   Email:

  • Director of Workers’ Compensation and Safety - Dirk Anderson, Esq.,  (802) 828-4391
  • Workers' Compensation Program Manager - Berrian Eno-Van Fleet,  (802) 828-2286
  • Administrative Assistant - Vacant,  (802) 828-1440   

For employee reports of injury (Form 5) or exclusions, contact our Administrative Assistant.

Report Fraud:

Formal Hearings:

Conduct formal hearings, issue decisions, receive appeals.

Specialist I's:

All pre-dispute filings and issues: denials, medicals authorizations, wage calculations, dependency and concurrent employment, compensation agreements. 

To reach the correct Specialist, refer to your State File Number (SFN). 

Specialist II's:

All disputed claims and disputed claim issues: preauthorization and mental injury denials, discontinuances, objections and requests for reconsideration, applications for formal hearings, informal conferences, interim orders. 

To reach the correct Specialist, refer to your State File Number (SFN).

Vocational Rehabilitation:

Monitor VR, handle disputed VR, VR denials, VR discontinuances, VR counselor certifications, medical fee schedule disputes.