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Request New or Duplicate 1099-G

If you are in need of a new 1099-G from the Department of Labor either because you need a copy or never received a 1099-G, please complete this form.

Claimant Information

Request for Duplicate

Reason for Request
Select the 1099-G form(s) for which you are requesting
Looking to request a PUA (002) 1099-G tax form? PUA Claimants are able to access their 1099-G forms electronically. Login to your PUA Claimant Portal to view/download

Mailing Address

Please provide the mailing address where you would like your new document sent.

If you believe the address the Department has on file to be incorrect, or different from your current address, please complete the Claimant B-2 Change of Address form. Download and print form here:

One file only.
2 MB limit.
Allowed types: pdf.

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