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Looking out for Fraud - Unemployment Insurance

May 18, 2020

The Vermont Department of Labor warns all unemployment insurance claimants of potential scams calling and emailing claimants posing as the Department of Labor. Be vigilant of potential fraud and only use the official website to apply for unemployment or complete weekly claims.

Here are some helpful tips to detecting a potential scam:

  • FEES: There is no fee to file for unemployment insurance benefits. The Department of Labor will never ask you for a debit or credit card number to process a claim. If you receive a call from an individual asking for your debit or credit card or asking you to send money, it is a scam. The Department will never ask you to send money over a phone call.
  • FALSE WEBSITES: Websites that state they can assist claimants in filing for unemployment benefits or finding a job after being laid off for a fee are fraudulent. Often these sites request personal identifiable information (SSN, DOB, drivers license number, etc.). Only use the official Department of Labor website for information on filing an unemployment claim.
  • PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE DOCUMENTS: Some scammers ask you to upload or mail a copy of your driver’s license, birth certificate or social security card. The Department does not require copies of any of the above identification to be uploaded or mailed.
  • OUTSIDE AGENCIES: The Department will not email you soliciting you to apply for unemployment through an outside agent or third-party agency.
  • UNFAMILITAR MAILING ADDRESS: The Department will never require you to mail personally identifiable information to an out of state address. Any correspondence mailed to you or requested to be mailed to the Department will always be associated with the Vermont Department of Labor mailing address:

5 Green Mountain Drive, P.O. Box 488 Montpelier, VT 05602-0488

To report suspected fraudulent activity, please contact the Vermont Attorney General’s Office at: Consumer Protection Unit, which is part of the Vermont Attorney General's Office at: (800) 649-2424