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USPS Mail Sent to Department Delayed Due to Flood

July 25, 2023

Please be aware that mail that was sent to the Department of Labor through the U.S. Postal Service was likely delayed due to the recent flood.

Between Monday, July 10th and Monday, July 24th, the Department did not have access to mail that was sent to the Department's P.O. Box at the Montpelier Post Office. The Department was able to gain access to this mail on Monday, July 24th; however, the U.S. Postal Service was unable to confirm if any mail was lost during the flood. 

The Department is processing the mail received on July 24th; however, if customers believe their mail may have been impacted by the flood, they are encouraged to contact the Department of Labor at (802) 828-4000. 

Additionally, any time-sensitive mail held by the Post Office between July 10th - July 24th will be considered timely for Department purposes.