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Work Search Reporting Update (Monday, May 17)

May 17, 2021

We are aware of the work search issues over the weekend that resulted in some claimants not being prompted to enter work search information and some claimants on PUA being prompted to enter work search information when they may have been exempt. Our team is working to correct these issues, but it is important to note that claimants will not lose out on benefits because of this issue.

If you were able to successfully file your weekly claim, you are all set for this week; however, please be sure to continue looking for work as this information will be required in future weeks.

Those individuals who were prompted to enter work search even though they may have been exempt, will also not lose out on benefits for this week. If you did not complete your claim because you were prompted to report your work search without being offered a COVID exemption option, we are currently asking those claimants to complete their weekly claim later this week. Claimants have until 4:30PM each Friday to complete their weekly claim.

This is not completely unexpected, as there were many changes and exceptions made to the work search in both the regular UI and PUA claimant portals as a result of COVID-19. Because of this, we have had our team on standby over the week and are working to correct any issues that are presenting during the certification process.

Any updates on this issue will be posted in the Vermont UI Newsfeed at