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Program Elements

Tutoring, Study Skills Training, Instruction, and Drop-Out Prevention

Services focus on providing academic support, helping a youth identify areas of academic concern, assisting with overcoming learning obstacles, and providing tools and resources to develop leaning strategies.

Alternative Secondary School Services/Drop-Out Recovery Services

Alternative secondary school services, such as basic education skills training, individualized academic instruction, and English as a Second Language training, are those that assist youth who have struggled in traditional secondary education.

Paid and Unpaid Work Experiences

Work experience provide youth with opportunities for career exploration and skill development.

Occupational Skills Training

An organized program of study that provides specific vocational skills that lead to proficiency in performing actual tasks and technical functions required by certain, occupational fields at entry, intermediate, or advanced levels that lead to recognized postsecondary credentials that align with in-demand industry sectors or occupations in the local area

Workforce Preparation and Specific Occupation Training

Reflects an integrated education and training model and describes who workforce preparation activities, basic academic skills, and hands-on occupational skills training are to be taught within the same time frame and connected to training in a specific occupation, occupational cluster, or career pathway.

Leadership Development Opportunities

Leadership development are opportunities that encourage responsibility, confidence, employability, self-determination, and other positive social behaviors

Supportive Services

are services that enable an individual to participate in WIOA activities. These services enable an individual to participate in WIOA activities 

Adult Mentoring

A formal relationship between a youth participant and an adult mentor that includes structured activities where the mentor offers guidance, support, and encouragement to develop the competence and character of the mentee

Follow-up Services 

Follow up services may include regular contact with a youth participant’s employer, including assistance in addressing work-related problems that arise

Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling

Comprehensive guidance and counseling provide individualized counseling to participants. This includes drug and alcohol abuse counseling, mental health counseling, and referral to partner programs, as appropriate.

Financial Literacy Education

Support the ability of participants to create budgets, initiate checking and savings accounts at banks, and make informed financial decisions

Entrepreneurial Training

Entrepreneurial skills training provides the basics of starting and operating a small business.

Labor Market Information

Career awareness begins the process of developing knowledge of the variety of careers and occupations available, their skill requirements, working conditions and training prerequisites, and job opportunities across a wide range of industry sectors. The process in which youth choose an educational path and training or a job which fits their interests, skills and abilities can be described as career exploration. Career counseling or guidance provides advice and support in making decisions about what career paths to take. Career counseling services may include providing information about resume preparation, interview skills, potential opportunities for job shadowing, and the long-term benefits of postsecondary education and training (e.g., increased earning power and career mobility).

Post-Secondary Preparation and Transition Activities

Prepares ISY and OSY for advancement to postsecondary education after attaining a high school diploma or its recognized equivalent.