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Become an Apprenticeship Sponsor

The Vermont Department of Labor staff is here to assist you in the development of your program. We will work with you to develop a registered apprenticeship program. We can help identify related instruction providers and register your program for state and federal purposes.

Benefits of becoming a Registered Apprenticeship Sponsor

  • Fill your talent shortage with skilled workers
  • Recruit, train and retain workers to build your workforce
  • Receive support to build your program
  • Increases worker productivity, safety, worker versatility and employee retention
    • Apprentices remain more loyal to your business.
    • Studies show that for every dollar spent on registered apprenticeship, the employer will realize a return of $1.51 in reduced training costs
  • Apprentices recognize the fact that the employer has invested time and energy to help them achieve their career goals.
  • Programs are designed to meet the specific needs of Vermont employers through on-the-job learning and related classroom instruction Data on Apprenticeship

How to Sponsor an Apprentice

  • Registered Apprenticeships can be sponsored by employers, employer associations, colleges, or labor management groups that can hire and train in a working situation
  • Contact the Department of Labor to learn more!