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Text Scam Alert - July 19, 2021

July 20, 2021

The Department is aware of a fraudulent communication sent by text, which includes a link to a fake filing website. The fraudulent text message claims the receiver's account is 'on hold' and asks them to 'complete your verification process'. More information, including examples of the communication and fake website can be found in the attached images, with more information on fraud at

Reminders for Claimants: 

  • Do not click links from suspicious emails or text messages, or provide any information. If you are not sure if the communication is legitimate, please call the Department of Labor's UI Call Center to verify that it is the Department and not a fraudster.
  • Check the URL and make sure you are filing a claim on the correct website, and please remember to do so only through the Department of Labor website ( or by contacting the Claimant Assistance Center if you are unable to access the online portal.
  • Additional information and updates on fraud, including alerts from known scams and attempts to steal personal information, can be found on