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Workers Compensation Alert - Active Phishing Attempt

The Department of Labor has received reports of an active phishing attempt related to 'COVID-19 Benefits' and Workers' Compensation. 

Individuals were sent fraudulent communications in which they were provided with a link to an application/web form (screen shot shown below), instructing them to 'file for COVID-19 workers compensation benefits'.  The link may appear as a 'bitly' link or may be directly to 'COVID-19 compensation and benefits'. Communications fraudulently state that 'eligible workers' are eligible to 'recieve $3750'.

The Department is currently working with the State IT security team, the Vermont Attorney General’s Office, State Police, and multiple federal law enforcement agencies to respond to this issue.

Individuals are reminded to be vigilant of potential fraud and only use its official website (, and sub-pages, for accurate information on workers' compensation benefits.

Additional updates to this phishing attempt will be provided at