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Press Release: Vermont's Unemployment Rate Decreased to 2.9 percent in January

March 13, 2023


March 13, 2023

Mathew Barewicz, E & LMI Director, Department of Labor 
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Vermont’s Unemployment Rate Decreased to 2.9 Percent in January

Today, the Vermont Department of Labor released data on the Vermont economy for the time period covering January 2023. According to household data, the seasonally-adjusted statewide unemployment rate for January was 2.9 percent. This reflects a decrease of one-tenth of one percentage point from the prior month’s revised estimate. The civilian labor force participation rate was 63.4 percent in January, unchanged from the prior month.

“As part of this release of the January 2023 data, the Department is also announcing   the release of revised historical data for calendar year 2022 and years prior. Overall, calendar year 2022 was stronger than previously reported. Key metrics that were previously underreported have been revised up. These metrics include number of filled Vermont jobs, number of employed persons in Vermont, and the size of Vermont’s labor force. In addition, the number of unemployed persons and the unemployment rate were also re-estimated higher; however, even at these new elevated levels, Vermont is still considered to be at full employment. Based on this data, these are still favorable times for jobseekers as the number of available jobs is still two times higher than the number of unemployed individuals. For support with a job search or hiring qualified candidates, jobseekers and businesses are encouraged to visit for information on events and services.” - Michael Harrington, Commissioner

To view the full press release, visit Economic & Labor Market Information - Vermont Department of Labor (