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Wage and Hour

The Wage & Hour Program oversees state law and adopted rules concerning minimum wage, overtime, wage payments, employee benefits, child labor, and workplace rights for employees and employers. 

Wage & Hour also provides information on wage and employment related issues and attempts to settle employer/employee wage disputes to the satisfaction of all parties. Contact the Wage and Hour program as soon as you have a problem. We are usually able to reach a settlement between employers and employees, but the longer the problem continues, then the more difficult it is to reach a solution.

Minimum Wage

Effective 01/01/2023:  $13.18 per hour worked / $6.59 for tipped employees

Effective 01/01/2022:  $12.55 per hour worked / $6.28 for tipped employees

Effective 01/01/2021:  $11.75 per hour worked / $5.88 for tipped employees

Effective 01/01/2020:  $10.96 per hour worked / $5.48 for tipped employees

Effective 01/01/2019:  $10.78 per hour worked               

**Vermont’s minimum wage is adjusted annually to be effective on January 1

Remember, federal wage and hour laws differ from Vermont law, so you should also contact the U.S. Department of Labor (603) 666-7716 regarding your rights and obligations under the Fair Labor Standards Act.