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January 28, 2022

As of Friday (January 28, 2022), all 1099-G tax documents have been mailed. Claimants are likely to receive their 1099-G form(s) in the coming days. If you do not receive your 1099-G within the next 5 to 7 business days or believe information on a 1099-G to be incorrect, please stay tuned for additional instructions from the Department. Online forms to submit requests for Corrected or New/Reissued 1099-Gs will go-live for claimants on Monday, February 14.

Important Reminders

  • Most claimants will receive one 1099-G document for 2021. However, some claimants may receive multiple documents if they were reissued Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) program payments or filed in both regular UI and Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) in 2021. To identify which program your 1099-G is for, look for the program code printed in the “Account Number” box in the bottom left corner of your 1099-G. 
    • Program Code 001
      • UI - Regular Unemployment Insurance benefits
      • PEUC - Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation
      • EB - Extended Benefits
      • High EB - High Extended Benefits
      • FPUC - Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation
    • Program Code 002
      • PUA - Pandemic Unemployment Assistance
    • Program Code 003
      • LWA - Lost Wages Assistance
        • The Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) program was a supplemental program in 2020 that paid out $300 per week for up to six weeks (for the benefit weeks ending August 1 – September 5). 
  • If you filed for benefits in PUA, your 1099-G has been mailed to you. The Department is also currently working to upload 1099-G forms for PUA claimants to the PUA online portal. We will notify you as soon as PUA 1099-G forms are available online. 
    • If you filed in the regular unemployment insurance system, we are unable to upload your 1099-G to your online claimant portal due to system limitations.

For more information on 1099-G tax forms, visit the Department’s website for frequently asked questions, information on programs and benefit codes, how unemployment insurance benefits are calculated, more.