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SIDES E-Response


What is SIDES E-Response?
SIDES is a web-based system that enables employers to quickly and easily submit employee’s separation information to the department whenever a claim for Unemployment Insurance benefits is filed against your business. If you choose to utilize SIDES, you will not have to mail in your response to the department as it is done electronically.

How does SIDES help me?
When a worker becomes unemployed and applies for Unemployment Insurance benefits, the Department of Labor contacts former employers to find out why the worker left or lost his or her job. The Department relies on employers to provide accurate and timely information so a proper entitlement determination can be made. This preserves the integrity of the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund and your employer account. Preventing fraud ultimately saves you money.
One of the main causes of improper Unemployment Insurance payments to workers is lack of accurate information about why a worker left or lost his or her job.

What are the benefits to using SIDES?
• Utilizing SIDES is free
• Reduces paper handling, staff time and postage costs
• Eliminates delays related to paper mail delivery
• Helps keep UI rates as low as possible by reducing overpayments
• Provides an electronic , nationally standardized data format

How does SIDES work?
• When a claim for unemployment insurance benefits is filed, a separation form will be sent to the employer. A login Personal Identification Number (PIN) will be provided on the separation form. The SIDES application can be accessed at   
• The employer logs onto the SIDES website by selecting Vermont, entering the employer FEIN, Vermont UI account number and the PIN provided on the separation form.
• Upon accessing the SIDES website, the employer enters the separation information requested and electronically submits a response to the department.

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