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Job Training, Education, and Apprenticeship

Notice to Eligible Training Providers:

As of June 30, 2022, all programs will be removed from Vermont’s ETPL and a new application process and reporting requirements will take effect.

Administrative Memo 034 outlines the new process that training providers will use to apply to be listed on the ETPL and report performance information as of July 1, 2022. The application process will now be digitized through ProviderLink – a program management platform. After July 1, providers should follow the steps below to create an account and begin submitting applications for each training program you would like to have considered for listing. We will process applications quickly. Links to more information about the ETPL, federal regulations, approved state procedures, and more are included in the attached memo.

Creating a ProviderLink Account

Step 1: Provider must create a ProviderLink username and password at

Apply to have Training Programs Listed

Step 2: Provider must complete an application for each program, for each location it is offered.

Comply with data collection and reporting requirements.

Step 3: Applications reviewed by VDOL and applicants are notified about their status in about 15 days. Once approved, programs must begin collecting tracking data described below for all students and all sections of the program to be reported annually.


Webinar Recording (June 29, 2022)

VDOL staff are available for technical assistance if you require further assistance. If you have any questions, please contact Tracy Verge at (802) 535-5332 or