Vermont Lost Wage Assistance Program Update

07 September 2020

Here in Vermont, the Department of Labor has been hard at work to design, develop and implement the President's Lost Wage Assistance (LWA) program. Vermont applied for the program on August 21, 2020 and was subsequently approved by the Federal Emergency Managment Administration (FEMA) and the Vermont Legislature for a $300 benefit amount. The Department has spent the past few weeks developing the programmatic requirements to administer this benefit and expects to be able to start issuing benefits by the week of September 14, if not before.

As part of this program, all claimants are being asked to certify each week as to whether their employment has been disrupted due to COVID-19. Additionally, claimants eligible for the $300 LWA benefit must have a weekly benefit amount of $100 per week or more. Benefits will be issued by check and mailed to the address on file. Additionally, this benefit is subject to federal and state income tax and must be reported by the beneficiary.

The LWA program is a short-term benefit and is only offered as long as federal funding is available. Individuals who become eligible for the benefit after federal funding ceases to exist, will only receive the LWA benefits if additional federal funding is made available.

More information on the LWA program can be found at:


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