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Re-Employment Services and Eligibility Assessment Program (RESEA)

What is RESEA?

The Re-employment Services and Eligibility Assessment Program (RESEA) is a unit within the Unemployment Insurance Division of the VT Department of Labor.  This mandatory program strives to help Vermonters re-enter the workforce and reduce the duration which claimants receive UI benefits. In close collaboration with the Workforce Development Division, the RESEA team provides individualized services for positive employment outcomes. This mandatory program has two parts:

  • Assessing a claimant's continued eligibility for UI benefits

  • Provide claimants assistance to take steps forward in meeting their employment goals.

If selected for the RESEA program, it is mandatory to participate; Failure to comply with the program's required activities may result in loss of UI benefits.

How Does the Program Work?

The UI Division selects claimants for the RESEA program based on a profiling model. Claimants are selected for the program within the first five weeks of filing or during the first week of filing after establishing monetary eligibility. Priority for selection is for claimants determined most likely to exhaust UI benefits before finding employment. Claimants will be notified of selection through a letter you will receive in the mail, which includes information on how and when to participate in an RESEA orientation. Following the letter, claimants will receive a phone call and emails from regional RESEA Facilitator who will guide them through the program. 

What Does this Program do for me?

Each region of the State has an assigned Facilitator who can help you navigate the program. Facilitators work closely with Workforce Development’s team of Local Career Specialist to connect claimants with job seeker resources, including:

  • State of Vermont official job board, Vermont JobLink
  • Online Workshops and Events
  • Education and Training Opportunities
  • Other Community Partner Resources

Program Requirements

If selected for the RESEA program, claimants are required to complete the following steps. 

  • Attend at least two mandatory appointments with a regional RESEA Facilitator.
    • First Appointment - A group orientation where a facilitator will provide information about the program requirements, UI rules and regulations, and an overview of Workforce Development services. First referrals will be assigned and required documents for this first meeting reviewed.  
    • Second Appointment – a One-on-One meeting with the facilitator in the local region to develop an individualized employment plan, review results of the exercises and schedule a last referral. 
  • Attend referrals mutually agreed upon with facilitators to enhance employment goals. These referrals will vary based on the needs of the claimant and may include, but not limited to virtual workshops, job fairs, referrals to partner agencies, and/or connecting with a local Veterans Specialist.
  • Complete and submit all required questionnaires and exercises. Submission of these forms are time sensitive.
  • Document weekly work search activities to be reviewed by the Facilitator.

What to Expect

All RESEA appointments have both a virtual option with a call-in number and ID number to participate by phone through Microsoft Teams. If these options are a barrier to participation, please contact regional facilitators for alternative methods.

Participants will receive a letter in advance of their first appointment, confirming the date and time of the scheduled meeting. Please be sure to open and respond to VT Department of Labor mailings, as critical information about RESEA program participation is included.

RESEA Documents

Below are the required RESEA questionnaires and exercises for virtual access. Click on the links below. When completed, submit to the local office location in your region. If you have a barrier to completing forms on-line, please call your region’s RESEA facilitator for assistance.

Other Helpful Resources