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Retaining Veteran Employees

Veterans are extremely loyal to an organization. What is good for your veteran population is also good for any employee. However, if the environment does not meet veterans’ needs, they tend to leave an organization quicker than their non-veteran counterparts. The following elements are important to many veterans:

  • Challenging/engaging opportunity
  • Clearly stated expectations of the position
  • Known pathway for advancement in the current position and organization
  • A mentor (preferably a veteran) on arrival, as well as an onboarding program specific to veterans, can help veterans integrate and adjust to the organization’s culture
  • Clear and open verbal and written communication
    • Veterans are used to hearing from their leadership, usually in person
  • Career professional development
  • Impact on the organization – veterans want to know what they are doing has “meaning”
  • Compensation and benefits


Want to learn more?  Connect with our Veteran Services Coordinators and Business Services team for more information on Department of Labor resources.