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Why Project WorkSAFE

Effective workplace safety and health practices are good business. The cost of an accident or lost work time can far exceed the cost of prevention.

If You are a Small Vermont Business, Project Worksafe Can Help With:·      

  • Small businesses with a high rate of injuries
  • Businesses needing assistance in complying with OSHA regulations
  • Identifying worksite hazards or interpret federal/state safety and health standards
  • Changing the way your employees think and act when it comes to health and safety on the job
  • Concerns of the cost of a professional health and safety consultant

Protect Your Employees

Learning more about workplace hazards and how to prevent them can help you protect your workers from injury and illness. It may even prevent loss of life at your worksite. 

For more information on Project WorkSAFE call the Vermont Department of Labor-Safety and Health Consultation at 1-888-SAFE-YES (1-888-723-3937) or submit an online inquiry: