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Vermont Electric Co-Op

Vermont Electric Co-Op video library: 

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Management Commitment and Employee Involvement

Creating and improving workplace safety initiatives

Workplace Safety Culture

Impact of improving safety communication
Encouraging employee conversations on safety
Making changes to improve workplace safety
Workplace safety as an employee
Employee relationships with management
Finding a Hazard on the Worksite: Failure or Opportunity?

Hazard Prevention and Control

Importance of employees staying focused on safety
Constantly improving workplace safety practices
Communicating with employees about worksite hazards
System for reporting worksite hazards
Re-evaluating approach to worksite tasks with a focus on safety

Safety and Health Training

Making Workplace Safety Trainings Effective
Workplace Safety is Everyone's Responsibility
Make Workplace Safety Employee Trainings a Two-Way Conversation

VEC Testimonials

VOSHA and Vermont Electric Co-Op: Program Benefits
Benefits of participating in Green Mountain VPP
Improving workplace safety through Voluntary Protection Program
VOSHA and Vermont Electric Co-Op: Improving Workplace Safety
VOSHA and Vermont Electric Co-Op: Working Together