Receiving Both UI & Workers' Comp Benefits

Receiving both UI Benefits & Workers’ Compensation


Several factors must be reviewed to determine your eligibility to receive unemployment insurance benefits while you are receiving, or have received, Workers’ Compensation benefits.

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General Unemployment information related to Workers’ Compensation

In order to be eligible for benefits, an individual must have earned at least a minimum amount of wages during a fixed period of time known as the Based Period (Please refer to “Calculating your UI Benefits” for more information on “Base Period”)


The wages used to determine your unemployment eligibility, and your weekly benefit amount (WBA), are wages that were paid to you during each calendar quarter of your base period, regardless of when you earned them.

Vermont law provides three main methods to determine a base period.

If you are found monetary ineligible under the first three method and separated from employment due to an “on the job injury” resulting in a Workers’ Compensation Claim, the law provides a fourth method.

To be paid under this provision, you must have filed your new claim for Unemployment Insurance benefits within six months of the date your temporary Workers’ Compensation payments ended.

Able and Available for Work

One of the tests for becoming eligible for unemployment insurance benefits is that you must be able and available for work.

Being able for work means you are both physically and mentally capable of performing work during a week of unemployment that you are qualified to perform based on your work experience, education, and training.

Being available for work means that you are willing to accept work offered to you, that is considered suitable based on your experience, education, and training.

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