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Unemployment Insurance

UI Initial Claim Application

Claimants can file an "Initial Claim" for unemployment insurance between Monday-Friday from 8:00am-4:30pm by calling 1-877-214-3330.

Establish an Initial Claim
  • Call Claimant Assistance to open an initial claim (Monday - Friday 8am-4:30pm at 1-877-214-3330). 
    • ​Our online initial claim application is not available at this time. Please call to establish an initial claim. 

Opening a New Benefit Year

What is a benefit year?

When a claimant opens a new initial claim, that claim last for 12-months. During that year-long period, the claimant can file weekly certifications (known as weekly or continued claims), for benefits during weeks in which they are unemployed or partially unemployed. When the 12-month benefit year ends, the claimant must reapply for benefits by submitting a new initial claim application. This allows the Department to reevaluate the claimant’s eligibility and set a new benefit amount based on earnings during the prior year.

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