Request 1099-G Tax Documents

The Department has worked to ensure information was correct to the best of its ability. However, if information on-file was provided incorrectly, or if claimants have moved or changed their names, 2021 Unemployment Insurance Claimants may now request corrections to their 1099-G tax form, additional copies of their new 1099-G, or report receiving a 1099-G due to suspected fraud. Please complete a request through the form below. 

Please read the information below before completing a request form 

How to File a Return with Misspelled Name or Address

Claimants may still file their personal income tax return if they believe information included in Box 1 Unemployment Compensation, Box 4 and Box 11 withholding amounts, and the Last 4 Digits of claimant’s Social Security Number are correct. Misspelled names will not prevent an individual from filing their tax returns.

How was my 'Box 1' Unemployment Compensation Calculated?

Payment records are maintained by Department’s benefit system to calculate all benefits a claimant was issued in 2021. When reviewing, please consider the following before submitted a correction request:

  • Box 1 Unemployment Compensation:  Amounts listed in this section of pre-tax and are calculated by the Department's benefit system. If you elected to withhold taxes in your weekly benefits, the withheld amount will be listed in Box 4. 
  • Regular UI and PUA Compensation: Your total compensation on these 1099-G forms include extended benefits and the additional $600 per week from the FPUC program. If after taking this into account and you still believe your amount to be incorrect, please submit a request through the form below.
  • LWA Compensation: If a claimant requested a reissuing of one or more of these benefit payments, the Department is still completing the reissuing process. The amount written in Box 1 is the correct amount of money issued to the claimant, even if the check was not cashed and is being reissued.  
I still have not received my 1099-G form

The Department of Labor is still in the processing of mailing out 1099-G forms for tax year 2021. Further updates on the mailing process will be provided. 

What do I need to submit a request?
  • All VDOL 1099-G forms that you received for 2021
  • The program code for the 1099-G(s) for which you are submitted a request
  • Correct information (Address, Compensation amount, etc.)

Which request form should I use?

  • Request Correction: You believe  that the 1099-G is incorrect. Please keep in mind that you may still file your personal income taxes as long as believe information included in Box 1, Box 4 and Box 11, and the Last 4 Digits of claimant’s Social Security Number are correct. Misspelled names will not prevent an individual from filing their tax returns.
  • Request  Duplicate/Reissue: You either a.) Need Additional Copies of your 1099-G, or b.) Did not receive but were expecting a 1099-G for unemployment insurance benefits received in 2021. 
  • Report Fraudulent 1099-G: You received a 1099-G form but did not apply for or receive unemployment insurance benefits from the Vermont Department of Labor in 2021. 

***Request Forms are currently unavailable as the Department of Labor is in the process of mailing 2021 1099-G forms to claimants***

RequeST CORRECTED 1099 Request NEW/Duplicate 1099 Report Fraudulent 1099

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